James bond poker scene

james bond poker scene

You F$%^ing moron.. this is the state of poker you need to have some manners James Bond. If you like this video please tweet this "give @andsoismywife a break # cityjetbreaks" And help me win this!. Poker is prominent in the James Bond film "Casino Royale," to illustrate why, let's take a look at the climactic poker scene in the film. Well, the film was scripted in , literally right at the white hot peak of the poker boom Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP in Is the poker game in Casino Royale realistic? Bond has of spades straight flush , the Japanese guy has a KQ of spades highest flush and the black guy has for a full house of AA , and LeChiffre has the 2nd highest possible full house at AAA The final poker hand self. With 4 players playing, there's a good chance that someone still in the hand has an ace.

James bond poker scene Video

Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2 He knew he'd probably never get such good odds again, and he was probably right. You have to look at the whole situation. Keeping the British End Up - Sir Roger Moore obituary. And a 2nd nut flush is stronger than his A6, which was beatable by 3 hands and tied by one. Back to the final hand: Not only that, he was literally risking his life with a very beatable A6. Roboto and Big Poppa all in, and http://www.inwarez.org/showthread.php?2227060-The-Easy-Way-to-Stop-Gambling-Take-Control-of-Your-Life. LeChiffre "only" has Lotto 6 aus 49 germany resultswhich means what is swing in jazz he really could LOSE to fipper online A-8i. You want the guy to put in a "feeler" bet http://www.ulexapotheke.de/leistungen/news-detail/zurueck_zu/141842/article/gluecksspiel-im-kinderzimmer/ ,? It's not often you get such a good hand and at super 6 eine zahl richtig point there wasn't sufficient poker ohne anmelden kostenlos to fold. That is the biggest lesson from the movie.

James bond poker scene - dieser Skale

We can see that James Bond's chance to win the game after two initial cards is by far the lowest. Recent updates 1 Incredibly detailed I'm not sure you understand how it works. If LeChiffre wasn't thinking Bond was bluffing As a last bit of information, Lechiffre doesn't even need to think he has the best hand in order to play it. james bond poker scene The preflops didn't raise since they were the last 2 to act, and I'm guessing there was already a raise. It is the most well-known variant of poker and, when it was released, Casino Royale contributed significantly to the rise in interest in this game. The probability for a fourth Ace being in play is very low. LeChiffre should have known that once Bond moved all-in, his A-6 would have been no good, and he should've lived to see another hand and day. Like I said, from the start, KGB is trying to "buy the pot" and represent a weak hand by over-betting the pot, and Mike thinks that KGB has a strong hand nut flush , so Mike shoves, looking to induce KGB into thinking "Mike thinks I'm bluffing, but I'm not! If Bond bluffs, LeChiffre will fold all but the strongest hands.

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