Ever wanted to know more about the sustainability issues of the subject you study, or the industry you work in?

The S.I.T.E could help you find out more!

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The S.I.T.E is a dynamic, constantly evolvng and interactive resource: The subject areas section provides an online discussion forum for each of the sections so that practitioners can share information and discussions on sustainability within their field. Users are encouraged to add information, weblinks and documents to the subject areas via the ‘Upload Information’ pages.

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Welcome to the S.I.T.E

A quick navigation guide to our website.

Click on 'Subject Areas' to see if there is a section of weblinks and downloadable information on sustainability issues and solutions, which is relevant to your industry or subject of study!

Click on 'Workshop Materials' to find lesson plans and teaching aides for workshops in sustainability – useable in any curricula or industry context!. These workshops are designed to help participants identify and act on the Sustainability Issues within their subject area.


The Site is being developed by the Plymouth College of Art and is therefore, initially at least, most useful to practitioners and academics working within Art & Design. However, the concept and potential of the Site is for use across as broad a selection of academic studies and industries as possible; the site will develop over time in this respect.


Click on Case Studies to see examples of initiatives to embed sustainability in Art & Design curricula, or see the case studies sections within specific subject areas.