Ever wanted to know more about the sustainability issues of the subject you study, or the industry you work in?

The S.I.T.E could help you find out more!

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The S.I.T.E is a dynamic, constantly evolving and interactive resource: The subject areas section provides an online discussion forum for each of the sections so that practitioners can share information and discussions on sustainability within their field. Users are encouraged to add information, weblinks and documents to the subject areas via the ‘Upload Information’ pages, thus evolving and enriching the site for future users.

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AOC Sustainability workshop 31/3/10

The S.I.T.E's author Chris Smith recently attended the AOC South West Embedding Sustainability in the Curriculum workshop at Weston College in Weston Super Mare. This event gathered a range of academics and Senior Management personnel from colleges across the South West with the aim of sharing best practice and information on sustainabililty innovations. According to Chris, the event was "inspiring, thought provoking and highly informative!"