Ever wanted to know more about the sustainability issues of the subject you study, or the industry you work in?

The S.I.T.E could help you find out more!




About Us

The SITE has been produced as a Plymouth College of Art (PCA) Research Project.


The SITE workshop materials, original concept and explanatory text were designed and written by Chris Smith, (Course Leader National DIploma Photography, PCA).


Web Designers:
The SITE web design and layout was created by PCA IT Development Staff: Elias Jarrouj and Tendai Madume.


Research Commitee:
The SITE was originally funded and supported by the work of the Plymouth College of Art Research Commitee.The PCA Research Commitee offer funding, support and guidance to PCA academic staff for projects which develop both the academic potential of the college and the academic or artistic achievements of the project's workers.

In particular, Research Commitee member Malcolm Ferris (Director Academic Development, PCA) has been instrumental in overseeing and promoting The SITE's development.


Many people have contributed information to The SITE in order to expand the subject area information listings; those people are credited for doing so on the actual information listings. Others have also contributed to the development of The SITE through contributing feedback after using The SITE or participating in SITE workshops led by the author.