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Sustainability in Higher Education Developers Group

by Arran Stibbe


The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC) and the HE Academy ESD Project joined forces in launching a new concept last year – the SHED network. SHED (Sustainability in Higher Education Developers) has been evolving and developing lately...

The SHED network is a group of higher and further education staff from across the UK who aim to contribute to whole institution transformation, helping education become more relevant to the challenges of the twenty-first century. Communication in the group occurs through a dedicated mailing list (SHED Share), an open access online database of practitioners and meetings at national conferences.

Mailing list
The SHED Share mailing list, with Arran Stibbe of University of Gloucestershire as its convenor, is to support the sharing of information and requests, and for collaborations.

The open access online database for ESD practitioners, which will be hosted on the Academy website, will be searchable by region/nation, speciality, speaker availability (etc). The database will be up and running shortly and there will soon be a call for ESD practitioners to input their details. It is hoped that members of SHED Share will submit details. Finally, we should note that the online database will replace the current Academy regional and national ESD networking lists.

Meetings and other possibilities
We will also endeavour to offer space at major ESD conferences, especially those organised by the Academy and/or EAUC, for SHED members to network, and we will remain open to facilitating the formation of other ideas that come out of SHED, such as better platforms for discussion via the EAUC or professional associations.

One of the successes of the group so far is cooperation on the Academy-funded Soundings in Sustainability Literacy project, which involved more than 90 educators and resulted in publication of the Handbook of Sustainability Literacy. It is hoped that the network will conduct further projects such as this in the future.

We hope you will find this development useful and inspiring! SHED members will hear from us very soon about submitting details for the online database.

If you wish to join the SHED Share network, please contact to indicate your interest